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I’ve got splashtop on my ipad2 and like Adam says you have to have the program on the PC you want to control which is no problem really. It is a great app but with one flaw in my opinion which is if you have MixPad and splashtop both running, when you switch between the two MixPad displays as the screen you left it as which is nice (no reconnecting) whereas splashtop reverts back to the ‘choose the device you want to connect to screen’ which is annoying when you want to just flip between the two for either mixing of tapping tempo and scenes etc…

Been thinking about buying another iPad and making a case that holds them back to back, MixPad running on one and MixPad and splashtop both running on the other, just flip it over depending on what you need!

Really hope the splashtop developers will sort out the ‘flaw’ soon…



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