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Hi all,

The Xserve runs MUCH better than the equivalent, later model MacPro. For some reason, the Xserve processor seems to be less bothered by running Mainstage with big sample packages (we run Synthogy Ivory, in two instances) than the MacPro processor, and iLive editor ‘acquires’ quicker as well. The RME MADI card is running beautifully into the iLive MADI card, as usual.

Most of the new 19″ rack is now complete, with:

iLive iDR32
– MADI card
Xserve 5160 (2 x 2.66, 8Gb RAM)
48-point patchbay
Sitecom 10/100 Network Switch
15dBi External WiFi Antenna

Pulsar M3000 UPS
6 x Schuko 16A output
2 x 3-unit fans (push-pull)
2 x Fischer ALC161 battery chargers

2 x Sennheiser G2 Mics
1 x Sennheiser G1 Mic (headset for soundcheck)
4 x AKG WMS450 for brass instruments
4 x Sennheiser G2 IEMs
1 x AC2 Antenna Combiner

(All this equipment will be changed for new in the next 2 – 3 months, due to frequency changes. Oh, and I hate the Sennheiser wireless mics! :-))

Fantom XR (for Roland Ax-1)


The rack case is self-built, 24 units (approx 120 x 55 x 72), two removable covers, with THREE rack mounts, two external, and one for the internally mounted iDR, patchbay, PL9 and network switch). The mounting for the Xserve is shock-proofed, to avoid damage in transit (thanks to Martijn Verkerk for the heads-up). There is one ‘D’ mount input / output panel, for:

L/R – from ePro / TD9 digital drums
L/R x 4 (for external acts, DJs etc.)
1 x USB input for keyboard / mouse
(Decided against drawer solution – screens too small and expensive!)

8 x XLR (from iDR32 to amp rack: normally:
1 x RJ45 pass-through for PL10 / ANet
1 x Co-ax pass-through for AC2 antenna
1 x VGA pass through for external screen

To Be Added

1U Rack-Mount PC (for Martin Light Jockey)

We think that this reduces our set-up from 180 to 30 minutes, plus roll-in, which is a HUGE saving in time and money, and makes us look a lot better, both for the client, and aesthetically.

I’ll post photos of the set-up in due course!!