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I thought I’d just chime in on this.

I have probably a smaller set up than most as I use it to do sound for my own band (we do 80’s new wave covers) but I can’t say enough for the iLive system and its capabilities.

I use a single iDR16 with a laptop/ipad and the amount of power and flexibility that comes with even that system is unmatched. I love the fact that you can easily get into the iLive system with a basic setup like my own (with all the processing of the big boys) with it easily scaling up over time into what you need.

Not to mention our entire pa system fits in 8 rack spaces. I feel sorry for the local sound guys now who are stuck using their outdated gear and have 8 rack spaces (or more!) dedicated to just a few effects, eq’s, compressors and gates. Let alone everything else. When they see my setup, they are blown away.