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Does anybody have experience with this one?

DIR-655 – Wireless N Gigabit-router

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I’ve had one laying around for a while that I just set up to try out with the rack and computers. Had it running with the rack, a desktop, X61 tablet and iPad2. Used it with Multicast enabled and MAC filtering and it seemed to work good as far as the metering went. Had everything in the basement but wandered upstairs with the iPad to try it and it worked well when I was up there. I hit a dead spot on the way back down as the iPad lost the connection but it reconnected fine.
I’m finding the iPad wireless not quite as robust as the tablet but I haven’t tried it in a larger open space yet. I think it was getting better signal running on N on the D-link than G on the Linksys router I’ve been using. The Tablet is G only and still seems to get a better signal though. If you have a DIR 655 available you might give it a try, if not maybe the DR815 would be better with the 5 Ghz as several have mentioned.

P.S. Anyone know where the iDR racks are supposed to have their MAC address listed? I couldn’t find it on mine and had to come up with a command line program called Arp to get the MAC to enter in the router. I’ve got it now but was tearing my hair out trying to find it.

P.P.S. Well I did finally manage to overload the DIR 655. Running Editor on the Desktop and Tablet, Mixpad and Jump Desktop into the desktop from the iPad. the meters starting freezing randomly in the two Editors and MixPad. I still had control from everything, just the meters were going AWOL. So either I was brute force overloading the wireless or the Multicast on this router isn’t up to standards.


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