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Try doing that with a japanese digital desk in that amount of time……
I’m currently touring in the netherlands with a musical. 32 wireless mic’s, an Idr 32 and a t112. I love it when the venue’s sound engineers look a bit worried when i unload.(digital in dutch theaters means either yamaha or digico) Then i set up in half an hour, and they ask me what i need. Left, right, Center, extra center for the balcony, Sub left, sub right, fly top left, fly top right and 2 stereo monitor groups. Then they look really worried, until i ask them what the actually have. And after ten minutes configuring, i’m doing my soundcheck….. Sometimes they start about the “what if somebody breaks your cat 5 cable?”, so i pul out my ipad or laptop and show them how A&H aproaches “minor” problems. and nobody believes the price.

I love Ilive…..