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Hi Adam,

If you want Dante and Editor or third-party Ethernet data to be on the same network, your Ethernet switch should support Diffserv (DSCP) Quality of Service (QoS) with strict priority and 4 queues, as these features are used to prioritize clock sync and audio traffic over other network data. Although some users found it was working with standard Gigabit switches, a list of recommended devices is available on the Audinate website.

If the router DHCP service is turned on and DHCP is enabled in iLive, all devices on the network automatically get assigned a compatible IP address so both iLive and Dante devices can be viewed and controlled from the same computer. Since iLive devices do not support Zero Config auto addressing, on a network without DHCP you would need to
manually assign each device (MixRack, Surface and TouchScreen) to a compatible address in the 169.254.xxx.xxx range.

Hope this helps