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Yes, in my understanding this should be possible. I myself have a T112 and iDR-32, and am planning to get another rack in the future and want to do exactly this, so I’m interested to hear other’s explanations too!

Firstly, I assume the two racks are connected by ACE and you’ve set up Dual Rack mode correctly. I can’t tell you the exact steps as I can’t seem to reproduce this setup in the iLive editor (the subject of another post), so I’ll explain the concept.

Signals plugged into the slave rack must be patched to mixer channels 65 thru 128. Assuming you’ve patched 1-1, input 1 will be channel 65.

Go to the I/O patch page for the slave rack, select the Port A: ACE tab. I think you’ll find slots 1-32 are not available as they’re used for sending mix busses etc to the master rack? Select the first available one, say 33, select “Input – Direct Out” as the output source, and choose the correct channel number (It may be 1 or 65?). Your first signal is now appearing at the Master rack on port B ACE channel 33.

Go to the I/O patch page for the Master rack. Select the output you want the signal to be recorded to come out of, then assign to it the corresponding signal coming in to the Port B ACE card.

So, to summarise, send:
Input 1 of iDR-10 to Port A: ACE ch33 (on the iDR-10)
Port B: ACE ch33 on the iDR-32 to Output 1 on iDR-32