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With reference to Graham’s post the connection status suggestion is a great one, the other day this happened to me with a dropped connection and not realising it until nothing actually was changing.

At present in the utility > style tab you have colour options for background, border, disabled and text. Can another be added for lost connection so when wifi drops out the background changes to a chosen colour and when it reconnects reverts back to your normal chosen colour / appearence and if you don’t want this just set the ‘background’ and ‘lost wifi background’ the same settings. This would definately be quite obvious MixPad wasn’t connected and in my opinion the more obvious it is the better…

Also can the CH. (channel) and MIX buttons be one button with the default setting being CH. and you press it to enter MIX layout and the button turns red like the mute button to let you know your in the MIX dislay (even though this is pretty obvious) and you press it again to go back to CH. display. In other words one press toggles the view.

One less button would give enough room to have an extra tab for a SCene and sOFT key tab (SCOFT) and on this tab have the 8 soft keys as in the surface and the surface scene keys.

This may well also give enough room to have the “Custom 2” tab also available on the lower part of the screen rather than just upper part of the screen which would give a lot more flexibility of the MixPad in my opinion.

Also thumbs up to Stix’s idea also…



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