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Graham – a work around for the iPad Standby problem is to go to settings and change the Auto-Lock setting to Never before using the Mixpad app.

A feature I would love to see is to have NEXT/PREVIOUS mix/Select buttons. This could use the existing Ch and Mix indicator buttons in the top right corner. My idea would be that if both the current CH and MIX are the same (ie both showing the same aux) then the two buttons would be automatically activated to become Next (lower mix button)or Previous(upper Ch button)aux selection. That way when doing monitors with the GEQ selected and inputs on the lower half you can quickly move between monitor sends without needing to go back to the mix tab, scroll to the next aux, double tap to select mix, tap to select channel processing, then return to the input tab! Either that or some other way to easily select the next/previous mix and processing similar to the surface PAFL/MIX/SEL linking option


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