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I have been using the ipad app quite a lot recently and after spending the last couple of weeks with it have a few suggestions of my own.

FX editor tabs,
Tap tempo is pretty much essential for me. So would like to see a tap button somewhere or a softkey tab at least.

A superstrip would be handy, maybe utilising the top half of the screen for this and the bottom half for channel faders?

I guess i could also mention that the whole size could be smaller to fit in more faders? For me, the fader dont need to be as big.

Tone gen control would be handy, but not essential for me, i normally work off the faders for walking zones within a venue.

Why is there not a scene page within the app?

Now the most important thing…
When i first start the app up it works perfectly, but occasionally the ipad2 will go into standby if not touched for a while and then i get a “lost wifi” error message within the mixpad app.
Although it is still obviously connected, a few times i have been adjusting something only for it not to do anything. I glance at the surface and notice that although the mixpad behaves like it is connected, it is actually not controlling anything.

So i would love a little update so that there is extra code added for confirming a stable connection between the app and mixrack.
Maybe something as simple as a little green or red light somewhere visible in mixpad?

In summary, i was a little unsure about spending £70gbp on this app, but now its hard to believe i used to carry my macbook around a venue! The ipad app is so simple and effective. It doesnt quite replace the laptop, and it certainly doesnt replace the surface, however it does have its place in saving time and stress if you are on your own trying to soundcheck a band on your own.

I quite like the fact i can easily switch my working position from either onstage, to offstage or even within the top of the tiered seating in an arena!