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My question is ….How is that possible with only 16 output sockets? Is he really sending a stereo mix to the IEM’s out one XLR socket somehow or sending a mono signal split to the Left and Right of the stereo IEM transmitter giving them a dual mono IEM? Am I missing something?

Hi Kris and all,
That video was run on the spur of the moment at the end of a day running showroom training on the iLive. The system was not plugged up to wedges, IEM etc and therefore not best suited to demonstrate the full FOH/Monitor story…

I simply intended to explain the principles of linking the two iLive systems, the digital mic split and input sharing. My apologies if that confused a few of you by not showing a fully plugged system and explaining all its routing capabilities.

To answer your question… Yes, the iDR-32 has 16 outputs so 21 into 16 of course does not go, but, as Lieven points out, there are a further 8 outs on the iDR-16 rack. Monitor mixes can be sent over the ACE link and soft patched directly to spare sockets on the second rack. In this example you would get 24 sockets at the racks on stage.

That said, you can also use the outputs on the back of the monitor Surface which is positioned near the racks. These can be assigned to feed some of the monitors too, for example the engineers wedge and IEM feeds, extra IEM and comms from FOH.

We are planning a series of training videos which should include a more complete presentation of the full set up, linking and patching of the FOH/Monitor application. If it helps I will try to get an application drawing together to illustrate the example I alluded to in the impromtu video :)
I hope that makes sense,