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Another new one hit the market. I sent an email to tech support and received a response this morning.

Dear Sir/Madam:
Thank you very much for your email requesting information about our product
The TL-WR2543ND also support multicast streams IGMP.
Hope these would do help you and any other question would be highly welcomed.

To get technical support more quickly, please go to https://www.tp-link.com/en/support/faq.aspx?type=2

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Original Message

From: Christopher Johnson [mailto:ceejay64@comcast.net]
Sent: 2011#24180;9#26376;28#26085; 11:31
To: support.usa@tp-link.com
Subject: New TL-WR2543ND question on IGMP multicast streams.
Good day, and thank you in advance for reading.
I am a current owner of the WR1043ND.  This router does support multicast
streams IGMP.  Since this only uses the 2.4 GHZ band, I am interested in
your new model as it works in the 5GHZ band.
My question is, will the new WR2543ND support IGMP multicast streams? 
In particular, a group address of
I could not find a setting in the user guide on your site for multicast
streams for the new router, but the WR1043ND does not have it either.  There
was a firmware upgrade to support it at a later time.
Thank you for your consideration.
Chris Johnson
Oswego, IL

Oswego, IL

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