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there is this “multi” softkey setup option (select/mix/pafl/) wich is very handy if one does monitors,now this one would be smarter if it came with a scene recall included – why?
one could have a scene containing only surface info (wich recalls very quick)as one has 8 softknobs ( i do have 24 as i have a pl6)he can setup 8 monitor mixes to sofknobs – where by pressing the knob
a: the mix is selected (already there)
b: it is on pafl (already there)
c: the important channels for the mix appear immediately (as the appropiate surface scene gets recalled)

A OLD ONE: a “delayed surface bank changer”(killername ey?) let me explain:
one has the option to link faderbanks – ok but not too handy
now my idea: lets say i am on layer a with all my banks – now if i push the layer button b on the far right (faderbank link off!)my far right bank goes to b – so far so good
and here comes the delay – if i stay on the very same knob-lets say 3 secs (maybe one should be able to set the time span)the other banks follow.


allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 10 / idr 48 /dante (i want midi in dante!)