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Would like to see a PROPER Apple Mac version, not ported across.

With a real Mac interface you could split the windows onto 2 or even 3 screens.

With the Windoze port you only have the one window. Think how much better it would be if the ‘surface’ ‘effects’ etc. all came up on the Desktop the way it works in something like Adobe Photoshop, window for working in and your palettes put wherever you want.

One screen for the faders and the other for info, etc.


Would really like to see the external monitor on surface doing a dual display, not really that much point having the touchscreen blown-up.

A better option would be to have the big screen displaying the info you need ‘heads up’ where you can see it.

Can really understand why this was not built-in! Cost, but Apple did it on a Mac Mini for £300!!!

ditto on music payback from USB too.


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You have no f?!?!! idea what you are talking about?

Editor is a cross platform application, that works on Mac, Windows and Linux in the same way. And it even looks the same.
Some Windows are the same as in the surface.

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