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I tried like 4 different Wireless Routers. And ended up ( after A&H published the list) with the D-Link DIR-815. They all worked well in home / test environment. Some better with multicast then others. But in the end when it came to live venue situation, they all started loosing connection constantly. During soundcheck everything worked fine, but the moment the people get in, and the real deal begins, the problems start.
I think this is for the main part caused by all the people having there 2,4Ghz Mobile and today has there Wifi / Bluetooth … turned on.

The moment I switched to the D-Links 5Ghz band, all these problems disappeared. I cannot say that the connection does not drop anymore, but its 10 times more stable is in the 2,4 Ghz band.

As said I tried 4 routers out of the A&H shortlist. From that list the D-Link DIR-815 is for me absolutly the winner

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