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Hi All,

It’s a shame to hear the D-Link-825 is not working well with Multicast, unfortunately this is not one of the models we have tested so we can’t guarantee how well it will perform.

For a full list of all routers/access points we have tested please see:

We do know that the D-Link-815 does work correctly with iLive, as well as other routers listed in the document linked above. Christopher mentioned the TP-Link (TL-WR1043ND), which we have also had good results from.

For the D-Link-815, we found a few settings needed to be changed to get the best performance:

Firmware Version we tested: 1.00
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
DHCP: Enabled
DHCP Scope:
Security: WPA or MAC Filtering
Enable Multicast Streams by logging into the router setup page, selecting the advanced tab, select the advanced network menu, and tick ‘enable multicast streams’ and ‘wireless enhance mode’.

These settings may also apply to other D-Link routers, but unfortunately we cannot be sure unless it’s stated in our tested router chart above.

And for the mix rack, if you wish to enable multicast we recommend users leave their multicast Group IP Address as default ( And Lieven is correct, if you connect several mix racks on the same network, we also recommend them having unique multicast Group IP Addresses (239.0.1.X).

For any further information on multicast, please go to either the iLive or Editor help menu; select ‘Setting up the Network’ then ‘Multicast Setup’ for a more in-depth look at the benefits of multicast.

To answer Christophers question; yes we are still investigating more business/enterprises level access points for our customers wishing to use several Laptop/iPads/iPhones in larger environments. Once we have something we recommend, it will be added to the table of routers/access points linked above.

I hope this information helps,