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I tried the D-Link Router late last year, and had the same issue.
Works very well with Multicast off, however- if you have multiple connections (laptops, iPad’s), the entire network will slow down considerably. This was even evident when choosing “sel” on an input channel.

I took Woutert’s advise and went to the TP-Link.
The TP only works on the 2.4 GHZ band which is a different issue, but I have had good success with two laptops and two iPad’s connected to it. The router also works best when positioned at least 8′ high, and keep it away from the IEM transmitters. Multicast is turned on, and I do not have the slowdown issue as compared to the D-Link.

Spent day’s testing routers. I am done with that.
Still hoping we can all get a business class solution, so I don’t get the “snicker” looking around the gig to park my 50.00 router. (Rant)

Oswego, IL

T112 & iDR48
Sony F 1.73GHZ I7 8 Core
Win 7 Pro 500GB HD 8G RAM
TP-Link WR1043ND & Airport Express