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Hi Oscar


Does anyone know if I can use redundant MADI connection between FOH and Monitor console.
Using 1 x IDR-64 w. MADI in port B for stage,
and 1 x IDR-16 w. MADI in port B for FOH.

Yes this is possible if you set each MADI module to Redundant mode. to do this go to touchscreen – Mixrack setup – Mixer Preferences Port A/B setup and press redundant mode on the MADI card in each mixrack.


And have both monitor and FOH use the outputs in the IDR-64.
AND have a MADI feed for broadcast/recording truck.

Yes you can do a digital mic split using MADI sending all your mic inputs over PortB to the other mixrack.

To do your MADI recording use the MADI Aux BNC. 2 options:
1: Set the module recieving the mic channels to ‘IN 1 THRU’ this will then copy and output all audio coming into Link1 on that module.
2: Set the module sending out the mic channels to ‘OUT1 Mirror’ this will mirror the audio being sent out of Link1

Hope that helps

Sam A&H