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By default all auxes are setup to be post fade.
We only use pre fade on our aux busses what means that every time we set up or change a bus we have to switch from post to pre.

1. Who uses post fade on auxes and why anyway?
2. Wouldn’t it be quicker to have pre fade on default?
3. If we agree with eachother a bigger crowd is more likely to
get Research and development to change the default, or add an option to change the auxbus default settings to prefade

Jeffrey Vermunt

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1: Dancetracks, VB’s, stingers and fanfares etc that also need to be on stage are best post fader. Imagine you are playing back a contentum for improvised theatre, the part is over and you fade out the contentum, unfortunately you are pre fader and the sound continues on stage. Not good.
2: For my day to day use I believe yes, faster with prefade as default!
3: Option to change the default settings would be gtreat.

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