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You can route the outputs of the fx units to external mix inputs now.
So for example you can route the output of the speaker matrix unit to the external input of a mix matrix channel if you wish. Any movement in gain on that channel relative to the other outputs will affect the 3/4/5 output soundfield across the stage. But i guess you may not be using the speaker matrix for its intended purpose.

Routing FX to Mix external inputs wasnt functional in v1.80. We enabled it in v1.81. But the latest is v1.83 anyway.

On the subject of ‘Fully featured cross-overs on mains’.
I dont think the industry is up for this. Maybe one day!

This reminds me of when we started designing iLive 8 years ago, the concept of graphic EQ built into the mix channels was deemed strange. Also the question of integrated FX was questionable.

regards to all iLive users.