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For the poster who asked, what I would love to see is a Butterworth, a Linkwitz-Riley and a Bessel.

For the person who posted the rather snarky comment “people, learn to use real speaker processors. this is a mixing console!! not an ‘entire audio system in a box’–NO, it is not. As with many new digital mixers, it is much more. There are now EQ’s, compressors, limiters, effects, etc all built into, which are all traditional outboard gear. The same is true for crossovers.

Abstractnoise, while I agree with you on enabling 20–20k PEQ and am quite used to setting up an approximation of a crossover using the EQ’s on the ILive, its not quite the same as a true crossover is going to make the dB reduction very smoothly and predictably, and is going to permit you to really adjust the crossover settings between your highs and lowest much more precisely.

Jonathan Wade
Suburban Legend Audio