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Hi Jim, I’m running Reaper which is just fantastic for tracking – all the stability of a big dollar DAW without some of the extraneous bells and whistles.. and it has some great features for live recording like simultaneous recording paths (for recording to 2 drives for redundancy), it updates the header file constantly so if you have a system crash you’ve got the recording intact up until that point (some programs still don’t save until you hit stop at the end of a take, and if your takes are 50 minutes long that’s a huge potential loss if it crashes during a set!), and it’s REALLY CHEAP!!!
I’m currently mixing a project as you’re describing – tracked it into reaper and now I’m playing it back through the iLive for mixing & loving the results (I do little automation edits in Reaper for stuff like peaky single notes rather than compressing the hell out of the track at the mix stage – it’s very handy!) – I’ll post a link to something I’ve recorded and mixed that way so you can have an idea of how it works.
Likewise – LOVING this system!

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