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people, learn to use real speaker processors. this is a mixing console!! not an ‘entire audio system in a box’
what next??? please build in the microphones so i can just put the stage rack in the middle of the stage and be done with it!? noooooooo

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Yes, I am on board with the trend of packaging certain features like commoditized effects and basic outboard processing.
If we are advocated more bells and whistles including replacing what other top manufacturers are already very good at, versus making the best and most RELIABLE console on the market, I would certainly put that product up for sale.

1. Partner with a top networking company and co brand a quality switch and router so we don’t have to use a piece of gear that is made for a residential home.

2. Clean up the code for faster start up times.

3. Advise the distribution network to keep in touch with their customers on issues and recalls that may affect me prior to a disaster on a high profile show.

This system is the best quality and bang for the buck in comparison to others. Great brands improve basic functionality and provide class 1 service.

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