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Scene problem due to partial scene safe (which is not indicated on the strip but only visible in the scene safe matrix) combined with the fact that parameters and mix are gone after a mix configuration change. Last settings is not recalled, nor is it possible to actively recall this, thus only a real scene recall can solve this, which doesn’t work for channels where the significant params are scene safe.

So when I recalled a first scene I saw some channels being ok (not scene safe) others that seems not to be put scene safe, not ok, whereas in fact some parameters were set scene safe. This show was created before I was using the scene safe matrix.

Proposal: Also show partial scene safe on the strip (maybe different colour)

I still had a problem that my scenes changed order after updating the mix configuration. Wil try to reproduce that again.

I also did experiment where I tried to import the “last settings” from one show to the other (with the nex mix config). That did not work so far.

I keep experimenting with this :)

IDR32, Dante, Mixpad
laptop, TP-Link TL-WR1043ND