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thanks for doing the test…
dante anounced their pci card (does not work with laptop) wich might be the “killer solution”. they are talking about nonoseconds delay, as my idr 48 will be as well my “studio heart” i`ll probably go for that solution. so far i use altiverb (good)and vstis (no latency problems as it is midi in) such as toontracks drummer superior, vienna symphonic,and some piano sounds.

as seen in in another thread someone is testing drumagog (drumreplacer)and i gave it a try with the demo version- not happy, then i recalled having a roland td3 (small trigger module) and gave it a try with it- killer. the reson why is that roland has the most advanced audio to trigger hardware solution on the market.

what i did is: i created a dedicated split channel from my bassdrum input (for example) where i “made” with eq and gate a real”narrow”signal now that signal i send out on a physical output on my idr 48 into the roland td3 trigger input where it is converted to midi, really works great a test with the snare did work great as well(down to ghostnotes everything) now one might think why does he do that?? – for real room reverb – once i have my trigger set i assign a snare (for example) in toontracks drummer BUT the direct signal is muted i just use the big ambi samples for return and this gives me a reverb not even a bricasti can do as it is actually dynamically sampled snare. i am not in the studio now but i`ll upload a sample where you can hear the effect.


ps: as i see in your specs you have madi with rme did you test this solution as well?

allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 10 / idr 48 /dante (i want midi in dante!)