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I finally opened up the t112 to examen the switches thorough and could solve the problem.
the switches are smd soldered on the pcb. on that switch there is a black cap with the colored knob in (the actuator for the switch ). on the switches that get stuck the black cab is somewhat bend inwards so there is less clearance for the colored button. you can easily lift the cab off and replace it with a better one ( you can order them through A&H. order nrs are on the website)
I sanded the button a little bit so there was enough clearance and the problem was solved
The black cab is injected plastic an can still haven some tension left in the plastic that bend it over time.

my advice to A&H : provide more clearance or les tension in the plastic but i suppose they already did take care off it because it is not a common problem and mine was one of the early ones produced

Mine was out of warranty so i had to do it myself. if it is still under warranty send it back and let A&H take care of it.
Now if i could get some spare cabs from A&H that would be lovely ’cause i think that there will be other ones that i have to replace in the future[;)]



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