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Hi All,

For all computer geeks out there – a workaround on this is using iLive MIDI.

iLive MIDI protocol uses a lot of NRPN messages which can’t be automatically assigned to parameters in a DAW. However using a converter such as Bome’s MIDI Translator, it’s possible to manually program an iLive-to-standard-MIDI map (and viceversa) or even an iLive-to-HUI map.

https://www.bome.com/products/miditranslator – this is the same software we currently recommend for our GS-R24 recording desk.

We tried this with a standard MIDI interface and succeded in hooking up a T-112 to Sonar, Reaper, Pro Tools and others.

Apart from controlling your favourite DAW software, this allows recording automated moves and using a DAW session to automate fader levels, mutes and scene recalls on an iLive.

I hope this helps,