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Hi Steffenromeiss

There are many reasons why you may get a red cross next to the firmware status.
This does not always mean that something fatal has happened to the system. The iLive system will use this tool to warn the user that an error of some sort has happened. This could be a physical cable issue or a software issue and the reason for the red cross will be logged in the system event log.

Because there are many different triggers for the red cross, it is the event logs that must be used to identify the cause. This is why we suggest you send a copy of the event logs to A&H support, they will then be able to tell you what caused the event log. Please also try and make sure you have correct Time & Date set in your system so we know where to look in the event log.

You can look in the editor help system for an explination of the types of Red cross error or the iLive reference guide part 2 firmware – page 92.


This should not have been caused by updating the firmware to 1.82.

Sam A&H