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Originally posted by Stealth

Hi Ray

I suggest you fit your Dante card to Prt B of your slave rack (iDR10) you can forward audio from your master mixrack (idr32) to the dante card via the ACE portB link.

To do this:
Go to the ‘Outputs’ page of your master mixrack and select the ‘portB (ACE)’ tab – choose the audio you wish to send to the Dante card an assign them to the PortB outputs.
Next: open the drop down menu at the top of the screen and select your slave rack (idr32)select the Port B tab (Dante) in the source select drop down you can now select inputs from the slave rack (iDR32) and PortA (ACE) = the portA ACE channels will have the audio you sent from the master mixrack Port B.

Hope that helps

Sam A&H

Also… Just to be sure… Is there a typo in the last part above? Did you mean “iDR10“? If true, this may then make sense.