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well here s some good news for old laptops sitting in your rental storage rotting about:

i have this 9 old vaio single core laptop witch stopped running (hdd died) a year ago – i happened to have a 7200rpm 2.5 drive in my parts draw – installed xp sp3
found a (by a gamer build) graphics driver and it was back to work. now i tried to hook up dante (100mb lan) and as the lan is so old dante driver could not get appropiate message from the card,
(system “tried 3 times getting info from card giving up” message we know that one) ok as this thing still has PCMCIA slot i bought for 40 bucks a gigabit lan card-inserted the card-hooked up dante-there!!!
i set dante asio to 32 bit recorded a show with samplitude (float files “the big ones”) 32 channels – the hdd was lurking around 20 to 30% great!!!! i ll give it a try with 48 channels today.

this could be interesting for rental companys having old laptops sittin round.
i ll post the specs within a few days as we are in the midde of a three week festival (mungo jerry tonite- in the summertime….)


allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 10 / idr 48 /dante (i want midi in dante!)