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I havent had a problem with the iLive switch’s yet – but what I can say is that I have witnessed many so called professional engineers who stab at mixer switch’s like it’s their mission to hit it as hard as they possible can. This is not just applicable to the iLive but on any mixer – if you want your switch’s to last – treat em gently! Lieven – I’m not accusing you of being a hard hitter! Just watch out for engineers that do and give them a good bolicking or kick them off altogether. It’s not them that have to deal with the eventual problems – it will be you right in the middle of an important gig when a crucial switch decides its had enough of the abuse! Thats my rant!


Richard Howey
Audio Dynamite Ltd
Dual M-Dante/DVS, 17″MBP/Logic 9/Custom Mackie Control