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I think we have enough control options as it is, introducing more just extends the release timeframe so we have to wait longer for newer base features.

If you want to use a tablet, buy an iPad. At least then you absolutely know 100% for sure that it will work. With Android, it depends on what version of the OS the tablet is running, screen resolutions and hardware specs. That is too hit and miss for this industry. Maybe one day, but in the mean time i’d sooner pay a little bit more for an iPad and know that its going to work out of the box.

I’d sooner A&H release an API rather than another control option, that way if a 3rd party or anyone else wants to build their own interface so you can control it from a toaster, then all power to them.

This mixer has more control options than anything else I can think of on the market. I’d sooner A&H put their resources into developing the core platform now and not get sidetracked with control applications.