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I’ve got Foobar running with no issues so far (except for needing to make sure there aren’t channel conflicts with Reaper on the returns!) – again as per albumplayer you can assign the ASIO output to whatever channel pair you want. The interface is pretty ordinary, but it is free :)
I solved the 44/48 issue by changing the import settings in iTunes to create 48k MP3 files, then using the ‘create MP3’ option to copy my original versions into the new sample rate & deleting the old 44.1k takes – all good (and a lot easier than having a player do conversions on the fly I’d imagine!)

Adam Biggs
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with Belkin PlayMax N600 HD router
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albumplayer plays WMA, MP3, OGG, FLAC, WAV, APE, WavPack, MusePack and the OptimFROG flawless (i dont wnt to convert 60 gigs music into 48khz)


allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 10 / idr 48 /dante (i want midi in dante!)