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Am I supposed to see my Mac computer that is connected to the MDante card (w/ DVS installed and showing it’s connected @ 1Gb/48KHz/10ms) in the DC device list along with the Mixrack?

Yes – The address’s you have should work – changing the MBP to 169.168.1.X is just if you also want to connect to the Mixrack with Editor on the same network via your router.

Can you confirm that if you open DVS with the mixrack MDante Card Primary link connected to the MBP’s ethernet that you see the N/C change to two green leds with 1G showing?

If so then Im all out of ideas other than perhaps reinstalling DC & DVS again.


Richard Howey
Audio Dynamite Ltd
Dual M-Dante/DVS, 17″MBP/Logic 9/Custom Mackie Control