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woutert, I’m on Mac.

ahjeff, that was the solution to my original problem, thanks for the link. I now see device status and clock status.

How many devices am I supposed to see? I only see the same device (I’ve labeled it mixrack) under transmitters and receivers, DC won’t let me connect the device to itself. I can’t make any green checkmarks.

Am I supposed to see my Mac computer that is connected to the MDante card (w/ DVS installed and showing it’s connected @ 1Gb/48KHz/10ms) in the DC device list along with the Mixrack?

IDR 16 set to internal clock.
IDR 16 (named “mixrack”) set to preferred and master in the DC.
Under the port B outputs tab I have 1-16 assigned to Mixrack Inputs A1-B8
DVS is listing the the Mac’s IP address ( and MAC address and displaying 1G
OSX version is updated Snow Leopard running on a MacBook Pro 13″
There is no mention of anything Dante in the Mac’s available audio hardware list.

Under Device Status in the DC, the only device “mixrack” shows a primary IP address of, however my mixrack’s IP is I bring this up because in the MDante webinar Youtube videos the mixrack they are using is showing a 192.168.1.X address in their DC software.

Everything looks OK, except it seems like the computer should be listed as a device so I have something to patch to.

Thanks for any suggestions,