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Addam, I’m agry for a lowest price, but for example YAMAHA apps are free.I dont understand why it isn’t free???
But 79€ are exaggerate…



It’s not free because A&H is a business, not a charitable organisation. Do you work for free?

Yes, Yamaha apps are “free” but you pay for it in the purchase price of the console whether you need it or not. An equivalent console from Yamaha is considerably more expensive than the iLive. The complete iLive system is inter-compatible, both hardware and software. This allows users to purchase only what they need but still be able to expand in the future if needed.

I believe the iLive is not only technically good but that A&H have done an excellent job of putting together an intelligent choice of product range and marketing it.

I make my living out of this industry and I expect to pay for the tools I use, that’s how business works.

I was an early adopter of the iLive and I know that with A&H you are buying not just the nuts and bolts, you get a lot more if you stop and look into it!