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Hi Tuejo


The Pad – does it activate another circuit or is it the same? Is it a dual preamp chip with a line module or a chip with a high range – or does the pad introduce a resistor in the signal chain?

No additional input circuitry for PAD implementation;
For Both iLIVE (iDR-10 and iLIVE consoles) and iLIVE T-series Rack and consoles;
The PAD is operated by switching in 25dB attenuation via resistors on input of Mic pre.


What’s is the frequency response of the pre and how does it evolve at higher gain settings?

The T-Series Mic pre has a flat frequency response at norminal gain and is very stable even at high gain. Max gain – roll off @-1dB is 35hz – 20Khz.
The flagship iLive range has improved Low frequency roll off.


Finally – is the DA converter exactly the same in the IDR rack as in the T-series surface?

The DAC for Both iLIVE (iDR-10 and iLIVE surface) range is the same.
THE DAC for Both iLIVE T-series Rack and surface is the same but different to the iLive range.

Hope that helps.

Sam A&H