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Yup – chalk me up on Lion incompatibility. Same symptom, but both Lion and iLive software were installed from scratch, so I shouldn’t have inherited any incompatibilities from a previous install. I’m evaluating Lion presently to see what the issues are, and this is the only one I’ve come across so far that would stop me working in some projects.

Any ideas on a fix date?

Also, worth knowing that because PPC code is no longer supported in Lion, that means a lot of old/abandoned AU or VST plugins for workstations/virtual synths won’t work properly either. Not sure how much it affects “pro” users, but it certainly has curtailed my freeware music-making tools!

Otherwise really enjoying Lion – seems to generally be faster and the UI enhancements (now I’ve embraced them) are letting me get work done more quickly, especially where multiple windows/programs are involved.

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