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Richard’s post above is pretty much spot on; his explanation of the clock settings could almost have been taken from page 7 of the M-DANTE Getting Started Guide, which explains this configuration.

As for running multiple network interfaces, I had a quick chat with one of the software team, and the main issue is the way the Java virtual machine interacts with the operating system when asking for access to a network interface. By default, it does not seem to be defined which interface will be provided by the OS, in your case, WiFi or the Dante network. Of course if the OS gives Java the ‘Dante’ network, Editor will not be able to see the iLive on the WiFi network. I am told that there is a way to assign a primary interface, and also a way to affect this process by altering an interface’s ‘Metric’, but I am not aware of the detail of how to acheive this (It could also be possible that altering this to allow Editor to work in the way you want it to could have some negative affect on the Dante software). So what you have found, where programs and interfaces must be started in a certain order, does tie in with how we think the system should be working.

This may not be particularly useful to your situation, but these sort of OS or DVS issues are why we recommend that a dedicated recording machine be used, to give the most bullet proof setup.

Hope this helps.


– Jeff, A&H