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It’d be great to get a clarification from either A&H or Audinate then on the order in which these things need to be enabled – one thing I have found is that if I’m running Editor on the same laptop (via wifi) I need to get that session up BEFORE I enable DVS or else the editor session won’t be able to connect… maybe I’m doing something wrong there, Richard are you running the Dante card and editor via the same router? I seem to remember that’s what you were investigating last time I looked. Would love to see how you’re setting that up if you have had success with that arrangement (I’m still not game to do anything but a straight 1 to 1 connection!).
I think the media player issue is not so much about ASIO compatibility (it seems Winamp, Foobar2000, or even Windows Media will run with various 3rd party plug ins), but the issue of varying sample rates – would like to hear your experiences on that one when you’ve checked it out.

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