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Glad i can be of help!

OSX Lion lasted 3hours until i went back to using SnowLeapord.

iLive editor wouldn’t work at all.
I also use Microsoft Office 2004 for mac (old i know but it works) This also wouldnt work because “PowerPC based apps” are not supported in Lion.

I had a massive problem installing OSX Lion, Here’s something it doesnt tell you before you buy it. If you use Bootcamp and have a 2nd partition for either Windows or Linux etc you HAVE TO DELETE THIS PARTITION. You cannot install Lion without removing it. (of course you can then re-run bootcamp assistant after the Lion install and re-partition but what a pain)

One thing i really really liked about Lion was it gave my HD more free space than Snow Leapord. The new interface in Mail is awesome….. sadly these slight features are not enough to make me put up with the stress of upgrading a whole host of my apps and digging out my serial numbers etc.

Word of advice if you are thinking of downloading Lion: After downloading the 3.6gb file, (but before instaling it) save it to a DVD cos after install it removes itself from your computer and the only way to get another copy is to re-download the huge 3.6gb file!