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We received our Dante card last week. Plugged it into slot B of our IDR32 mixrack. Installed bonjour, Virtual sound card, and Dante controller on a Windows XP computer. Hooked the computer, mixrack and dante up through a gigabit switch. Then then trouble started….

I think what we are missing in the Dante Controller is the green checks. The Dante controller finds the mixrack and sets it up as the master clock. But in the matrix where you assign channels it will not let us select anything.

Using Reaper 32 bit on the computer shows how ever many channels the ASIO is configured for, so that seems to be working, but no sound ever makes it from the Dante card.

Please help if you can. Am I correct that the Dante controller should have green check marks at the intersection of inputs and outputs?

Thanks in advance

P.S. We’ve also tried Dante controller on a Windows 7 latop connected to the Dante card over the control port, tried the Dante card in an IDR16. Tried everything else we can think of and are pulling out what’s left of our hair!