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Hi theWhiplash,

We tested several routers and access points and published a list here:
Unfortunately in our experience the Apple Airport Extreme didn’t have quite the same overall performance as the others we tested. But none the less, it’s probably worth trying out and seeing if it’ll work well enough for what you require.

To setup the Airport you’ll need to use the Airport Utility. On Windows you’ll need to download this (using the installation CD provided with the Airport). On Mac you’ll find it under Applications -> Utility.

Once the Airport Utility is opened, select ‘Manual setup’. Then select the internet tab at the top. Under this section you’ll see ‘DHCP’, click on that.

Unfortunately one of the difficulties you might have been having with setting up the IP address of the router is that you can’t. As far as I am aware, Apple does not permit users to completely change the IP address of their router. They only give you the following options: 192.168.x.1, 172.16.x.1 & 10.0.x.1). The ‘x’ being the only variable you can change.

So I’d recommend setting the router to without it being connected to the iLive. To do this, the settings on the Airport page should look as like:
DHCP Beginning Address: 192.168 . 1 . 100
DHCP Ending Address:
DHCP Lease: 1 day
(So although Apple don’t specifically tell you the routers IP will be set to, we just know it will because of how you setup the DHCP beginning address).

Then you must change the IP address of the iLive MixRack to avoid conflict. So when the iLive surface and mix rack have been switch on, go to Utility -> Networking -> Network setup. Tap the Mix Rack IP address box, and change the last number to something else (for example Or if you are using Editor please see Setup -> Network Setup. Please note you will only be able to connect the Airport to the iLive after you have changed the MixRack IP address. You will have to make this change to any other iLives you need to use the AirPort with. Which is why our documentation always points towards users changing their router/AP address. But I don’t believe you can with Apple’s Airport Extreme.

Once you’ve changed the MixRack IP address, you can plug a RJ45 Cat5 cable from the Airport into your MixRack. Then connect to the airport wireless, and open Editor.

You should see your Mix Rack/Surface name appear now in Editor. And press connect. If you don’t, we recommend you disable all other network adaptors (wired, bluetooth etc).

I hope this helps,