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did some searching for this topic but nothing really answered my questions…
I’m not so knowledgable about IP-DHCP-submask-etc…
I spent about 3 hours today trying to get my Airport X to work with my iDR32/T80 system but got absolutely nowhere. Made a couple calls to people telling me to change this and change that, blah blah…
I was trying to set the IP through the Airport Utility but it still kept showing the router as which obviously doesn’t work. I couldn’t figure out where to change this.
Also does anything need to be configured or changed on the surface within the Utility pages/IPs?
Its obviously working for a lot of you guys, so any help on configuration would be great. thanks

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Blue skies a little cloudy today? ;} Subnet settings should be You probably know this but iLive uses , , for the rack, surface and touchscreen so those can’t be used for router, computer, iPad etc.(Just covering the bases here.) As to the router issues several I’ve used recommend using a wired connection when configuring the router. What can happen when you change the router address is that the computer is trying to see the router on the previous address. Maybe this is causing some of your problems. The ip address has to be released and then renewed. Windows based computers have the repair connection function that does this. When using DHCP to automatically assign addresses to computers the router will have a way of setting a reserved block of addresses, say starting at so you don’t end up with the computer conflicting with one of the iLive’s addresses. Maybe this will give you some things to try and hopefully someone will come along that uses an Airport X and can step you through it.


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