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(Under the CLOCK STATUS tab the ‘Slave To External Word Clock’ option for the M-Dante card needs to be ticked YES as the M-Dante module clocks from the iLive)

Thanks guys for this info. It was source of the clicks and pops in my system.
(The wording of the “slave to external clock” had fooled me into thinking it was for an external clock source outside of Dante and iLive)

I now have 32 tracks recording cleanly and returning nicely for a virtual mix. Thanks johnse and biggsoundsounds.

Now I plan to use Drumagog drum replacement software to trigger sounds through Dante VS at a live gig! (It works so well on the recordings)
I’ll let you know how I go.


IDR 32 Mixrack
Mixpad on iPad1
Desktop FOH 4 x BCF2000’s
Desktop record (separate PC from control)