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I initially started using Editor with the standard ‘surface’ strip (I think I had it set up like a 144) instead of having to juggle all those open windows, but realised that if you lose connection you also lose your strip layout – now I set up every gig with the custom strips, and just have everything I want (for smaller shows) on a single custom strip… basically what I’m doing now with MixPad! My only wish for this is the ability to save/export these custom strip layouts with scenes (so next time I pull up that band’s layout the custom strip comes up regardless of what else I’ve got saved).

iDR32 mixrack
MixRack for iPad & Tweak for iPhone apps
Asus N61 Laptop (x2 wireless)
Windows 7 Pro 64bit
with Belkin PlayMax N600 HD router
Sennheiser IEM (for PFL)
Dante card