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The m/s pair (sE Titans set to omni + fig 8) was at the back of a pretty ordinary sounding hall, with about 300 people between the performers and mikes – the close mike was a single Rode NT1A, and there’s just a hint of violin & guitar DI… simple as it gets but it just worked!!! Bear in mind too, this was a live show recording so that sound from the room mikes was off the PA, not exactly an ideal situation (the single mike tune was actually an afterthought from the performers, they called me from the airport before they flew up and asked if we could do it), hence not using too much room!

iDR32 mixrack
MixRack for iPad & Tweak for iPhone apps
Asus N61 Laptop (x2 wireless)
Windows 7 Pro 64bit
with Belkin PlayMax N600 HD router
Sennheiser IEM (for PFL)
Dante card