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Hi all,

Reaper x64 doesn’t work with Dante Virtual Soundcard x64. We recommend installing Reaper x32 instead. This can be installed on the same computer – no need to uninstall x64 version, and using the same licence. Here is a comment from Audinate posted on Reaper forum:

“Guy from Audinate here. The problem is that the 64-bit version of Reaper won’t connect to our 64-bit ASIO driver for Dante Virtual Soundcard. The 32-bit version of Reaper has no such problem, which indicates that it is requesting access to the driver in a different way. We are looking at this issue, and thus far it only appears to affect Reaper 64-bit on Windows.

ASIO is a 3rd-party workaround for pro audio, created to overcome deficiencies in the native Windows audio system. As a result, there are more inconsistencies in implementation than in native solutions.

We are working on this, and in the meantime can recommend that you use Reaper 32-bit as a solution. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.”

A list of M-Dante best practices and FAQs is available in the ‘M-Dante Understanding Guide’ here:


I hope this helps