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A bigger t-series with more faders—yes. In a recent demo wth a church and volunteers they realy expresed the desire to have more faders then the t-112 offers. They are used to the anologue 56 faders and having everything on one layer. switching layers for someone who uses the board every 3 weeks could get a bit confusing. especially if the show layout and or strip lay out gets changed after they last used it. The t-series has all the flexibility that most needs. however the modular series does have its place and use.

Lets take this a step further—Do away with the “touch” screen and just add a mouse pointer on a LCD, LED TFT type screen. I would likely use a larger external screen to see more clearly anyway. The touch screen is hard to see in bright light(sometimes impossible outside). This could possible bring down the cost of a system even a bit more, making it even more affordable for those who dont ooh and awe over touch screens.

My thoughts and of course this is all just Ideas that may or may not fit into the grand scene of A&H and their market coverage.