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If you place your cursor over the top of a strip you will replace what is in that strip.
If you place the cursor between 2 strips you will insert your selected chanels between the 2 strips. All channel strips to the right side of where you innsert your new channels strips will be shifted right.

Hope that helps

Sam A&H

Something else I’ve noticed is that layers 1-4 are “logically grouped together” within their bank. If you insert a number of new strips, for instance in Layer 1 all the strips in Layers 2-4 will get bumped up. Any pushed off the end of Layer 4 are gone, but deleting strips will move the others back toward Layer 1 etc. When I say delete that’s by dragging a strip off a layer into a blank area on the desktop. Also of note is that the first time you drag a strip off that space goes gray. If you repeat with the gray space the strips to the right then move back. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to work this way just something I’ve noticed. This was also in the editor offline, I haven’t tried it when connected yet.


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